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Italy is a beautiful country. Over the centuries, its enviable strategic position has made it the destination of conquest by the most diverse populations.
First, the Romans, who initially settled in Rome and then in Lazio, waged war on the indigenous peoples and conquered not only all of Italy, but also the entire Mediterranean basin.
Then, with the fall of the Empire, other communities from the East and the North embarked on long campaigns of conquest that soon led to the division of our country into a multitude of states, often at war with each other. Each state has its own history and its own cultural peculiarity due to the mixture of traditions between the native, Roman and finally the conquering people.

Whether these struggles and this division of the territory, which lasted until recently (the Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed only in 1861), did not benefit politics or create the sense of belonging to a single population with common ends, they did however make Italy the priceless jewel it is today in terms of art, architecture and literary production.

Over the centuries, every prince, duke, bishop and pope wanted to compete in magnificence with neighboring states to flaunt their temporal power through beauty and patronage, giving every territory and even the smallest and most remote region architectural and artistic masterpieces, creating such a cultural richness that is unlike anything in Europe and the world.
With such abundance and complexity at our disposal, we at Italy Trails have decided to dedicate short, in-depth articles on the lesser-known aspects of our country, and we have adopted curious and original points of view on the most well-known realities even abroad.

The intent is not only to create an overall vision of the Italian reality through a rich puzzle of various cultural aspects, but also to provide interpretations valid for all areas and which can prove useful both to those who visit Italy for the first time or to those who, in love with its scenic and artistic beauties, come back to get to know it better.

Even more ambitious, we would like the blog to be an open structure where readers feel stimulated to share their experiences, posting memories, impressions, photos or videos of their trip to Italy.

Enjoy reading!

Mary and Percy Shelley in the Gulf of Poets

Mary and Percy Shelley, famous for their libertarian aspirations and their unconventionality, met by chance and became lovers very quickly. He, poet and baronet, was already married with two children, and she was the young and intelligent daughter of a well-known...

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The Stones of Matera

There are very few remains in the world like those of Matera, which is why in 1993, UNESCO decided to include the park of the rock churches and the two stony districts of the city, Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano, in the list of the heritages of humanity. The history...

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The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is one of the most visited monuments in the world. Almost twenty thousand people a day and five million every year go to the Vatican to admire Michelangelo's masterpiece. The Sistine Chapel Before Michelangelo's Intervention The work began on May...

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Dante’s Beatrice

Beatrice was the first woman of Italian literature to leave an indelible trace in the heart of every reader.Sung by Dante in the unforgettable verses of his youthful book, Vita Nova, Beatrice returned to be the protagonist of the verses of the Divine Comedy from the...

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The Black Madonna of Tindari

On the promontory facing the splendid Gulf of Patti, in the province of Messina, overlooking the picturesque Lakes of Marinello, stands the Sanctuary of Tindari.The building was constructed where ancient documents report the existence of the Castle of Tindari,...

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The Borgias

The Borgias were one of the most important and powerful Italian families between the 15th and 16th centuries. Of Spanish origin (their surname was originally Borja, although even in their country they are known by the Italianized surname), they have often been...

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The castles of the Borgia

Anyone who stays in Lazio cannot miss a visit to the castles of the Borgia, the family that, in the sixteenth century, imposed its power not only on the region, but played an important part in the Renaissance history of Italy, thanks to unscrupulous political...

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