How to book your journey to Italy

Italy Trails Booking Process

1 - Send the request via the contact form

A team member will answer you as soon as possible by asking you some fundamental questions to understand your expectations, your interests, preferences and the dates of the trip. We want you to get to know Italy in the best possible way.

2 - Receive the proposal

Based on the elements you provide us, our team will send you a detailed itinerary proposal with an indication of the services and recommended locations. If you want to have an offer from your trusted travel agency, let us know and we will gladly cooperate during the planning of your trip.

3 - Options are discussed

Our intention is to let you experience Italy in the best possible way, so we will be at your disposal to explain and clarify any doubts. You can change your travel plan as often as necessary in order to develop the ideal itinerary. We will do our best to meet your expectations while respecting your budget. If you wish, we will be able to meet through our video-conferencing platform to ensure everything meets your expectations.

4 - Book your Trip

At the time when your journey will be finalized and set the itinerary with its estimate offer, to proceed with the booking of all the services included in your travel plan, we need to receive an email from you accepting and confirming your trip.
The booking confirmation involves payment of 40% deposit, while the remaining amount must be paid one month before your arrival. Depending on your travel dates, such as bookings made well in advance from 5 months before the date of arrival and the total amount of turnover, you will be required to pay a second deposit of 20%.

In this case the final payment due one month prior to your arrival date, will be equal to 40% instead of 60%.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we would like to reassure you that, should you cancel your trip within 30 days of your expected date of arrival in Italy, our cancellation policy requires the issuance of a voucher of the amount paid up to the date of cancellation, after verification and eventual deduction of amounts relating to any stays and other services already prepaid by us with non-refundable policy by the individual providers.

This voucher will be valid for 2 years to be used and deducted from the price related to your future booking of your new trip in Italy with Italy Trails.

5 - Enjoy your trip in Italy

When you arrive, you will meet a person from the Team who will give you all the travel accessories. Even if you travel independently, you won’t be alone because you can call our assistance service for any needs.

FAQ about booking