Known as the Green Heart of Italy, Umbria is the third smallest region in the country, but its strategic position, exactly in the center of the peninsula has made it important for communication lines since Roman times, religious pilgrimages and economic traffic between the Papacy and the North.
It was marginalized after the unification of Italy (1861) when the economic activities mainly involved the North and the coasts. This relative isolation has preserved it from mass tourism and the feeling of time being stopped is much stronger here than elsewhere; thus offering visitors glimpses of ancient times. Umbria is a pleasant region, where you don’t have to look for spirituality, you can live and breathe it everywhere.
Its landscapes and art have been written about by all the major Italian poets and beyond. Artists, writers and travelers of the Grand Tour deviated from their itinerary between Florence and Rome to come and visit this land, so horribly beautiful (cit. Lord Byron). Umbria is for connoisseurs, the true italophiles; you come with purpose, to find authentic, hospitable, beautiful and varied Italy.

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