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The Bourbon tunnel

The Bourbon tunnel and the surrounding areas represent a cross-section of the last 500 years of the history of Naples. An exclusive tour on the underground Naples, with the opportunity for custom and private events.

Castle Alessano

The Castle of Alessano

A peaceful oasis in the Castle of Alessano, where the ancient tradition and the exquisite hospitality of the Sangiovanni family, owners of the same, are a valuable added value in the discovery of stories narrated and traditions still practiced in a generous land as Salento.


A day in the life of Caravaggio

A deep immersion in the places and anecdotes of the life of the immortal artist with private and exclusive visits.

giorgini events

Giorgini Archive

We will remember that, historically, Florence was the first capital of Italian fashion, when in 1951 it entered into competition with the great ‘maison’ of Paris, invited by the Marquis Giovanni Battista Giorgini to parade in the Sala Bianca of Palazzo Pitti. Today we will relive that historical moment with the heir Giorgini.


Canova and Possagno

The Canova Gypsoteca is the most exclusive attraction of the museum: a collection of plaster casts from the most famous works of this great neoclassical sculptor. We will visit together the house of the artist.

private visit- cementery fontanelle

The cult of the “capuzzelle”

A Neapolitan death cult. Private visit the very special “Cemetery of the Fountains” and the church of Santa Maria delle Anime del Purgatorio ad Arco in the heart of Naples.


Boat in Positano at sunset

Starting from Positano, at sunset, you will travel along a stretch of the Amalfi Coast lulled by the lapping of the waves and the melody of a classical guitar. Aperitif or light dinner.

tirelli atelier age_of_innocence

Theatrical Tailoring Tirelli

Auteur cinema at your fingertips. Where? In the historic film-theatre workshop, where the costumes of numerous Oscar winners, Hollywood stars and a legendary world have been created.

House of Compton Mackenzie

House of Compton Mackenzie

Capri is much more than sun and sea... it’s rock, it’s steep paths, it’s lush nature. A walk up the Solaro mountain by chairlift and then descending immersed in nature until you reach the Mackenzie house, home of the Scottish writer in the enchanting valley of Cetrella.

villa-lysis- capri

Villa Lysis

Private visit to a house perched on a cliff, hidden by a forest of pine trees, theater of the overwhelming passion Jacques Fersen had, who had it built in 1905 and dedicated it to the “jeunesse d’amour”.

Ulderico Pinfildi’s workshop

One of the most illustrious examples in the world of Italian nativity scene art. Sculptor and academy master, he makes nativity scenes inspired by Caravaggio. In the historic workshop you will admire the works created as well as see the master at work.

pietrasanta workshop

Atelier of sculptors in Pietrasanta

One of the most intense emotions to be experienced is not so much in passively admiring these work of arts, but in witnessing the skilful “art of the upbeat” of the sculptors who generate hidden pieces of art until they are made out of blocks of marble. Pietrasanta will reveal you the workshops of this ancient art.

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