From the golden beaches on the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, to the olive and vineyard covered hills, to cultural relics left behind after thousands of years of human history, Lazio is a microcosm of Italy. Rome sits in the middle of this region, and is usually the only part of Lazio tourists see. But if you go only 100 KM or so outside the eternal city, you can find an authentic and rich Italian experience. You can sit on beaches guarded by castles, hike through dense mountain forests while stumbling upon ruined monasteries, visit the remnants of the ancient Etruscan civilisations and walk through winding village streets whose stones have supported the feet of its residents for centuries. In the North you can find the border of Tuscany with a similar landscape of rolling golden hills and agricultural traditions. In the south you can find the most beautiful beaches on the Gulf of Gaeta. In between you will find each zone’s unique pasta, farm fresh wine or special meat and cheese. In Lazio you will discover a sample of all the wonders Italy has to offer, without driving much more than an hour in any direction.

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