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Northern Italy, central Italy, southern Italy, or even the Italian islands. In Italy, there are no mundane destinations, and Italy Trails is there to guide you on your discovery of the Italian peninsula’s most fascinating places. This is where you’ll find a magical blend of culture, tradition, and beauty, all on a journey that’s as exciting as the destination itself.
Whether you prefer an elegant, luxury hotel or a rustic “agritourismo” in the country; whether you like to take your time and stop for a tasty lunch or you’d rather grind out hundreds of miles and only stop for a snack; Italy Trails will help you realize your desires. We’ll guide you to your destination as you travel on roads with the best views, while you fall in love with our wonderful, welcoming country.
With Italy Trails you can take your dream of a journey through Italy on two wheels and make it come true. We’ll create just the right itinerary for you, planning around your preferences, wants, and needs. As you travel the roads that are most appreciated by Italian motorcyclists, and even as you travel some less well-known roads, we’ll be giving you an authentic Italian experience. There are the cities of art, of course, but there are also ancient castles, abbeys, small medieval villages, archeological ruins, as well as all the other historical jewels scattered throughout the country, whether they be in valleys carved out by rivers, between gently rolling hills, or among the vineyards, groves of olive trees, woodlands, or majestic mountaintops.

Motorcycle Tours in Italy – Three types of itineraries for every level of experience and fitness.

You are the main character in every adventure of Motorcycle Tours in Italy, and along with your bike, you’ll travel infinite roadways, curves, and landscapes. Time will stand still as you ride along the most beautiful roads. You can decide to bring your own bike or to choose a rental from a wide range of possible models. In addition to selecting your destination, you’ll also be able to choose from the following types of trips:

Easy Ride — Self-Ride

All the charm and freedom of a personalized motorcycle trip. You determine the pace, where and when to stop, your daily plans, your travel times, and your breaks – just how you like it. We’ll provide you with an itinerary that has all the mileage and distances listed so you can ride without sweating the details or worrying about having to get somewhere on time. Your only concern will be to enjoy the ride.

Ready to Go — Self-Ride

This is a mid-range itinerary, which may cover different regions, that is designed to be completed in 5 to 8 days. You can select a destination of your choice that you’ll reach by taking a fun and intriguing route. That route will be meticulously planned to capture the beauty of the roads you’ll travel and the places you’ll see, along with their history, their cuisine, and their landscapes.

AdvenTour — Guided Tour

This type of tour is for those who seek the excitement of an off-road motorcycle adventure that ranges from the Alps to the coastline.
Italy has some beautiful ancient roads that only few people are aware of, such as old military roads, merchant routes from years gone by, and dirt roads that were never paved in order to protect the land they cross. There are historical routes that run through fascinating tracts of land, which have been categorized according to their level of difficulty, that will offer you the chance at a one-of-a-kind experience. These routes are far-removed from the traditional tracks and lead you right into the backcountry.
For this type of trip, you’ll need a decent level of motorcycling experience as well as a certain level of physical fitness.

Motorcycle Tours in Italy – A Trip Tailored for You

Do you have any other particular needs? Do you have a certain route in mind that will take you somewhere you’ve always wanted to see? Would you like to go with a group of friends? No problem! The team at Italy Trails will do their best to make your dreams come true, providing an unforgettable vacation through towns and along roads that will take your breath away.

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