About Us

We are a team made up of people from different experiences in the field of tourism, each with a rich background of knowledge gained in one’s own territory, all united by a great passion for the beauty and abundance of our country and an exploratory impulse that has led to the discovery of precious and unforgettable places that few know.

We want to put this knowledge at your disposal to make your trip to Italy a complete and exciting experience.


Maurizio Pino

Lover of unconventional travels, he is a doctor, photographer, diver and globetrotter. He divides his time between working with his patients and visiting the most interesting places on the globe.

Joanie Ellis

Young environmental sociologist and graduate in Spanish language and literature.

Giuseppe di Bella

Professional tour guide, he is a curious adventurer and travel enthusiast. He lives in Abruzzo.

Anna Rita Formoso

Restorer, lover of books and passionate about history, art and traditions of her beautiful land: Sicily. She lives in Palermo.

Maria Teresa Magro

Expert in tourism, art and traditions of the Sicilian territory. She lives in Catania.

Elisabetta Lepre

Always in the world of tourism, she is a licensed tour guide with one true passion: her city, Rome.

Daniela ed Enrico

Professional sailors, are lovers of the natural beauties of their homeland, Sardinia.

Adriano Ceccarelli

Adventure travel guide, sometimes visionary, he divides his life between Italy and Baja California, Mexico.

Simone Loi

Award-winning chef in Italy and abroad, he is extremely passionate about his work and the search for refined flavors.

Patrizia Violi

Expert guide in Milan and tour guide throughout Italy, she particularly loves trips dedicated to history and flavors.

Teresa D'alessio

Expert in internationalization of food & tourism companies, she lives in Molise, but is passionate and curious about different places and traditions around the world.

Eleonora Manzocco

Expert guide, she is passionate about Piedmont, constantly looking for the hidden treasures of her land.

Giuseppe Gioia

Itinerary expert in north-east Italy and passionate about outdoor sports.

Barbara Asinari

Tourism expert in love with Lessinia, the green and mountainous region north of Verona where she lives and works, and Baja California, where she loves to spend her holidays.

Ilaria Signorini

Qualified tourist guide for Florence and licensed tour leader around the world, she divides her life and heart between Italy and Japan.

Roberta Vico

Archaeologist and museum advisor. She lives and works in the heart of the Marche region.

Alessandra di Mauro

Archaeologist and licensed tour guide, she lives in Puglia.

Antonella Bianchi

Graphic designer. She loves traveling, the sun, sea, cats and music.

Cris Josson


Cris Josson is an Italian-American international sales professional and global nomad. She has lived in Italy, Brazil, Japan, China, the U.S and has travelled extensively all over the world. Cris is fluent is seven languages and is currently based in Greenville, SC.

Manuela Vitiello

Passionate about travel, art and hospitality. She lives in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Paola Morano

Tourist guide, expert in historical-cultural and food and wine itineraries of her beautiful, beloved Calabria.

Erica Contino

Tourist guide, she loves to travel the world but enjoys returning to the wonders of her land, Campania.

Karen Nilson

Liguria tour guide and expert in wine tours, she lives in Genoa.

Barbara Asinari

Guida turistica esperta abilitata in inglese e spagnolo. Vive a Firenze

Laura Luciani

She has been a vegetarian for thirty years and has always been an animalist; she loves and respects all living creatures, including insects and plants. She is in love with small Italian villages.

Raffaella Barbanente

Travel and luxury goods sales expert. She lives in Milan.

Ciro De Carli

An expert motorcycle travel guide who works with passion, he explores our country with his powerful and reliable GS1200 ADV which always reveals new landscapes at every bend.

Daniele Piermarini

Environmental hiking guide and tour guide. He lives in Umbria.

Elena Bonesi

Expert guide of art history. She particularly loves trips dedicated to the knowledge of history and flavors. She lives in Bologna.