Barrea Abruzzo Italy
Trulli houses in Alberobello city, Apulia, Italy.
Rocca di Calascio Abruzzo Italy

A strategically located land in the center of Italy bordering the Marche, Lazio and Molise regions with a succession of geographical and territorial characteristics such as the long stretches of coast, a little sandy and even rocky from the Adriatic Sea, and the hilly and imposing mountains. In this region, you will find the highest peaks of the Apennines: the Gran Sasso and the Majella, both of which are beautiful frames for the Abruzzo coast. Even the most discerning tourists manage to find a surprising answer to all kinds of expectations: wide beaches from the soft sand, rock spikes overlooking the sea, green mountain lakes, cities of art, archaeological areas, regional parks and nature reserves. All of this within short travelling distances. In an hour or so, you can travel from the beach to the highest snow-capped peaks of the Apennines, where you can also ski until May. The Adriatic Coast spans long stretches, giving the visitor the chance to discover it by bike as well.

Coastal Cities and Trabocchi

Pescara is the most renowned city for its beaches and resorts. It is the center of modern tourism along with state-of-the-art hotel facilities, farmhouses, marinas and an airport that creates a hub for the entire region. Pineto offers soft, sandy beaches shaded by pine trees that give it its name. Further south you will find the town of Vasto, an ancient fishing village offering views that perfectly capture the sea topped by its characteristic medieval center, while the province of Chieti along the coast is rockier with some sandy areas interspersed. A typical stretch of coast, called Costa dei Trabocchi, about 70 km long, stretches from Ortona to San Salvo in the province of Chieti, containing one of the many treasures of Abruzzo: I Trabocchi. These are very special structures and real fishing machines on stilts that can offer incredible views. Today, many of these bizarre structures have not retained their original use. Instead, they have been repurposed as restaurants where you can enjoy some local seafood dishes, prepared in the traditional Abruzzo way.

Lakes, Rivers and Outdoor Activities

Abruzzo is not only sea, but also an inland wonderland. Many of its picturesque lakes (the Scanno and Barrea Lakes are among the most renowned) have campsites, hotels, residences and other accommodation options nearby, also able to offer many outdoor activities. Here you can enjoy water sports such as rafting or canoeing, bike rides or walks along hills and mountain trails that wind through beautiful villages with a medieval flavor and expression of life. There are many other outdoor recreation opportunities in this natural area. The Pescara River Springs Reserve in the small town of Popoli is one of the most popular local spots, especially on hot summer days. There are also natural parks like the Majella National Park, a mountain that, over time, has forged the identity of the region and whose park is one of the most important containers of biodiversity in Italy and Europe.

Abruzzo National Park

Nature lovers from around the world admire Abruzzo National Park, one of the oldest and most important in Italy. Every year, its visitors are attracted by natural environments of rare beauty. The mountains of the park have a dry appearance and are characterized by karst and plateau fields, bordered by Scanno and Barrea Lake. In this area, you find rich and varied flora and fauna. Among the wildlife that make the park famous are bears, which are the symbol of the park, the Apennine wolf, the Abruzzo chamois, wild boar, deer, roe deer, lynx, fox, badger, beech martens, weasel, southern squirrel and eagle. There are many hiking routes to follow with the possibility of trekking and riding as well. Among the most famous trails is the Camosciara Trail. Lake Barrea, together with the other smaller lakes, becomes the ideal location for birdwatching, and the wide connecting roads are a good opportunity for a quiet cycle.

Montepulciano Wines, Homemade Pasta and Meats

There is also food and wine to discover and enjoy. This is the land of wines: celebrate its Montepulciano, an excellent red wine to accompany the variegated Abruzzo gastronomy made of fine meat dishes (the roasted dishes are among the most flavorful and appreciated), such as the famous homemade pasta from modern women who have learned the ancient recipes from their elders. Farms and countryside houses are the expression of this culinary culture, ready to welcome and show each visitor the wonders of the most authentic and genuine flavors, also offering tasting activities of local products and cooking classes.
In short, Abruzzo does not offer a simple holiday, but something new, a 360-degree experience that involves all the senses and enjoyments in a land to live, explore and love.

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