Lower Molise and the sea

The Molise coast extends 35 km of lowland from the mouth of the Trigno River to Saccione Creek in Puglia. The homogeneity of the coast is interrupted by the promontory on which stands the ancient village of Termoli, surrounded by high fortified walls that fall sheer down to the sea. Termoli is the most renowned seaside resort on the Molise coast, thanks to the beauty and breadth of its beaches, as well as the numerous, important historic-sites, hotels and recreation that visitors can take advantage of. Its beach facilities, clean sea and services offered have been repeatedly awarded the recognition of the Blue Flag of Europe. There is also the thrill of underwater archaeological adventure, at the remains of an ancient coastal city from the pre-Roman era sunk below the waves. All this makes the Molise coast a truly unique seaside holiday destination.


5 days


Best season : From April to September

Included / Not Included


Assistance upon arrival at the station


4 Days Car rental with insurance


4 nights at Albergo Residenziale SVEVA Hotel in Termoli (CB)


Travel accessories and telephone with Italian SIM


Directions and suggestions for best bars and restaurants


Telephone assistance in Italian, English, Spanish and French


Flights to/from your home city


Meals where not mentioned


Travel Insurance (strongly recommended)


Arrival at the station in Termoli, where there will be a representative of Italy Trails to welcome you, to deliver the travel materials and to accompany you to the hotel where you will stay for the duration of the tour. Your residence is a popular hotel scattered amongst different residences in four central points of the city. This style of hotel, hotel diffuso, helps you feel like a local and to get to know the historical center of the city in an intimate way. All accommodations are located within the walls, so you will be in the center but also within walking distance of the beaches, the harbor, bars, restaurants, cafés and shops. Since you are on the coast, you cannot miss a seafood dinner cooked according to traditional Molise recipes.
Night in the hotel diffuso.

In the morning, after breakfast, you can visit the ancient core of the city of Termoli which rises on top of a promontory and juts out over the Adriatic Sea. The old village looks like a fairytale castle, characterized by typically Italian squares and alleys; among these, do not miss Vico Il Castello, one of the narrowest alleys in Europe. There are no records that document the history or the origins of Termoli, due to the Turkish sacking in 1566, but the discovery of some necropolises in the Porticone and Difesa Grande localities demonstrate human habitation in the area since the sixth century BC. The original nucleus of the city dates back to the invasion of the Goths, in 412 AD, when some inhabitants of the Termolese hinterland took refuge on the nearby promontory. This town was called Tornola, in memory of the original settlement which was called Cliterniola. Some alleys and squares of the Borgo Vecchio retain this toponym. Subsequently, in 568 A.D. the Lombards founded the Duchy of Benevento and proclaimed Termoli the capital of the County for its strategic coastal importance. Precisely for this reason, the city was enclosed in walls, a main tower and eight crenellated towers. From the Lombard domination Termoli passed to the Carolingian, then Norman and Swabian, finally it passed under the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The reconstruction and expansion of the walls and the castle, and the establishment of an important weekly market held on Mondays, date back to the Swabian period and the government of Frederick II. The inhabited nucleus of Termoli remained enclosed within the walls until 1847, when King Ferdinand II of Bourbon gave the authorization to build outside. The center of the village is dominated by the Cathedral, renowned for its splendid floor mosaics, built in the Romanesque-Apulian style (XII-XV century) on the ancient ruins of a Roman temple, whose foundation dates back to the 6th century. Inside there are the relics of San Timoteo and San Basso, patron of the city. It contains a famous panoramic view of the harbor of the Belvedere at whose side the Torretta looms. In the evening you will dine on fresh fish in one of the restaurants in the center which will be recommended to you in your travel material.
Night in the hotel diffuso.

In the morning you will embark by boat, for an excursion near the Tremiti Islands, an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea, awarded several times with the Blue Flag for quality swimming, 12 nautical miles north of the Gargano promontory and 24 east of the Molise coast.
Administratively, the archipelago constitutes the Italian municipality of Isole Tremiti, belonging to the province of Foggia, with a population of 496 inhabitants. The municipality is part of the Gargano National Park and since 1989 a portion of its territory has constituted the Tremiti Islands marine nature reserve.
After lunch you will return to the port and you can visit the center of Termoli and admire the craft shops along the streets of the ancient village, one of which, in Rejecelle, is the narrowest in Italy. In fact, it measures only 41 cm wide. In the evening, we recommend a pleasant walk along the harbor, when the concourse is crowded with people and the atmosphere is relaxed, a long standing tradition of seaside towns at the end of the day. Dinner of typical Molise cuisine. Night in the hotel diffuso.

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