Discovering UNESCO sites in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia


The five UNESCO sites in the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region will give you the opportunity to go back in time – to the prehistoric times, the time of the Roman Empire, and the time of the reign of the Lombards. And you’ll do this while being surrounded by nature in the enchanting Friuli Alps.
This itinerary will take you to wonderful historic villages, majestic valleys, paleolithic homes built on stilts that have been perfectly preserved, and timeless landscapes. It will also give you the chance to learn about local products, traditional foods, and fine Friuli wines.


5 days


Best season : March to November

Included / Not Included


Arrival and Departure from Olbia airport / Golfo Aranci port


Assistance upon arrival at the Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari Airport


Vehicle rental with insurance or van rental (minimum 7 people)


4 nights in hotels with at least three stars/Bed & Breakfast with double beds


Guided tours with a certified guide are available at all points along the tour


Directions and suggestions for best beaches


Travel accessories and telephone with Italian SIM


Directions and suggestions for best bars and restaurants


Telephone assistance in Italian, English, Spanish and French


Flights to/from your home city


Meals where not mentioned


Travel Insurance (strongly recommended)


You’ll arrive at the Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari Airport, by plane or train, where you will be met by a representative from Italy Trails. You’ll be given a warm welcome, receive your travel documents, and be accompanied to your rental car or van. After picking up the vehicle that you’ll use to get around throughout the tour, and after taking care of any other formalities, you’ll set out – without further ado – for Aquileia. This city was originally a Roman colony, founded in 181 B.C.E., and was the capital during Augustus’ reign. Today, it’s among the most important archaeological sites in northern Italy. You’ll visit the basilica where you can admire the famous early Christian mosaics from the 4th century, a crypt with mosaics from a church that was built in the 4th century on top of the foundations of an ancient Roman village, and the National Archeological Museum. You’ll have lunch in a restaurant that offers a taste of the traditional regional cuisine plus wines from their own cellar to sample. Then, you’ll continue on to an enchanting location for tourists that’s located between Trieste and Venice. This is a location known for its thermal waters, its original city center, and the early Christian structures. These include the basilica and an octagonal baptistery connected to the Basilica di Santa Maria delle Grazie. Night in Hotel

In the morning, after breakfast at your hotel, you’ll head out towards Cividale del Friuli. This city was founded by Julius Caesar and given the name Forum Iulii, which is how the entire region eventually got its name. It became the capital of the Lombards in Friuli. The first thing we recommend seeing is an ancient bridge which connects the two shores of the Natisone River. This bridge has long been the object of folklore, local legends, poetry, and artistic works. Afterwards, you’ll take a guided tour of the city and the Duomo, which was built with three naves in the Renaissance style. The tour will also take you to the Monastery of Santa Maria in Valle, where you can see the remarkable cloister of the Benedictine Nuns, as well as the Tempietto Longobardo (an ancient Lombard church). You’ll have lunch in Cividale del Friuli and then set out towards a fortified city that was built by the Venetians in the late 1500s. It’s known as the “star city,” as it’s laid out in the shape of a star with nine points. You’ll have our recommendations in your travel documents to guide you as you explore the city. You’ll then head towards Udine where you’ll check in to your hotel, and then enjoy some time sightseeing at some of the city’s most beautiful points of interest. We recommend a pleasant stroll through the gothic plaza where you can relax with a taj (glass of wine) and see the city’s Duomo. If you’d like, you could also take in the Udine Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. At the end of the day you’ll have dinner at an authentic Friuli-style restaurant, enjoy a glass of local wine, and then spend the night in Udine.


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