A taste of Abruzzo: 4 days among thriving valleys, ancient villages and historic cities.

A tour outside the mass tourism circuit to discover a region that will surprise and delight you with the richness of its historical and environmental heritage. A journey through cities, villages and enchanting landscapes, deepening the cultural and naturalistic aspects of this still authentic land, rich in historical evidence of every era.


4 days


Best season : From May to October

Included / Not Included


3 nights in Hotel double room


Ability to request tourist guide service in language for the duration of the tour or for single days only.


Entrance fees to museums or cultural attractions: 6.


Today you will arrive in the most modern city in the region, Pescara, where you will be received by a local representative of Italy-Trails who will welcome you and give you your travel accessories. Pescara is also the birthplace of the poet Vate Gabriele d’Annunzio, so do not miss a visit to the historic center where his ancient house still resides. Today his home is the site of the National Museum (guided tours available) and you can stop among the cafes that frame it to taste some of the typical dishes of Abruzzo cuisine. Do not miss a walk along the promenade, the fine sand beach, and of course the sea bridge; one of the largest pedestrian and cycle paths in Europe, which connects the north and the south of the city. Here you can stop to admire a beautiful marine and mountain panorama, thanks to the view of the Gran Sasso.
Overnight in a double suite at the hotel near the city center.

After breakfast, you will walk along a very popular path that winds along a suggestive stretch of river, surrounded by lush riparian vegetation: The Scalelle.
Here your gaze will be lost among the beautiful scenery designed by the waterway which at each turn gives a new perspective on the Orfento Valley. This nature reserve boasts a rich heritage in biodiversity even mentioned by the Nature magazine (the most important among international scientific publications) as an extraordinary place for the variety of animal and plant species that live here and which is a must for hikers and nature lovers.
The path, equipped with a series of bridges and fences, allows you to explore the deep gorge carved by the river over millions of years ago thanks to the strong current. At the end of the trail, stop to visit the characteristic village of Caramanico, an important spa in the region.
Then head back to the hotel for overnight in a double room.

In the morning, after breakfast, you will visit the south of Abruzzo, almost on the border with Molise. Stop for a walk in the Rioverde Nature Reserve and immerse yourself in the spectacular nature including its waterfalls. The Cascate del Verde are among the highest natural waterfalls in Italy, formed by a triple jump that measures a total of 200 meters. They can be admired in all their beauty throughout the year, even though the water flow varies according to the seasons and according to their rainfall.
Set off in the early afternoon for a visit to the Roccascalegna Castle, a Lombard castle erected in defense of the Byzantine incursions used as a film set for Matteo Garrone’s Il Racconto dei Racconti and which is located in a very small village of only 1200 inhabitants, on the hills that surround the Sangro river. One of the most famous legends circulating the castle features Baron Corvo de Corvis and jus primae noctis. It seems that in 1646 the Baron reintroduced this medieval practice, for which every new bride of the Feud of Roccascalegna had to spend the first wedding night with the baron, rather than with her husband. It is not clear whether a new bride, or if her husband disguised as a bride, stabbed the Baron in the wedding thalamus and he, dying, left his bloody imprint on a tower rock, which then collapsed in 1940. Legend has it that despite trying to wash the baron’s blood from the rock, it continued to color the surface, and there are still elderly people in the country who claim to have seen the bloody handprint even after the collapse of the tower.
Then head back to the hotel for overnight in a double room.

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