Italy is not only famous for its history, art, architecture, and food; it’s also known for many natural wonders. There’s one particular sector of the tourism industry that allows people to have an in-depth experience with all that an area has to offer, and that is hiking. Your own two feet can take you where no other mode of transportation can. Hiking and woodland walking bring together the best parts of getting exercise and enjoying nature; it’s a perfect pairing found within our Italy Hiking Tours.

Italy Hiking Tours: Discovering Italy at a Relaxed Pace

As you prepare for your Italy HIking Tour, we at Italy Trails will be by your side – every step of the way – to help you plan for one of our many tours. We’ll help get you ready to explore Italy’s beautiful terrain as you get some exercise out in the fresh air. Choosing one of your Italy Hiking Tours is easy and safe: we only offer outdoors experiences that are respectful to the land and to local laws. The hikes we offer are designed to meet everyone’s needs, as they can be personalized based on one’s level of experience, physical ability, and the preferred type of terrain. We provide hikes all throughout the peninsula, from the mountains to the sea; we offer a selection of hikes which have been curated by our guides to guarantee that everyone on our Italy Hiking Tours stays safe and happy. Each of the hiking itineraries can be further personalized by adding additional activities and sightseeing as you like. You can even carve out moments to stop and enjoy some food and drink.

A Vacation in the Outdoors

Hiking or daily nature walks are both outdoor walking activities that offer complete respect for the land one crosses. It’s a different way to spend your vacation, without having to miss out on opportunities for exploration. Each of our Italy Hiking Tours is designed to be individually tailored to fit every one of our customers. Our active, dynamic team will be at your disposal to help you lay out your ideal vacation, with a focus on physical activity and sustainable tourism.
Italy Trails offers its clients the chance to experience the joy of standing before waterfalls, mountains, and lakes, as well as the chance to admire some small architectural wonders that nature has left along the way. It was Italy’s rich and varied landscape that inspired the creation of this service and of the hikes that are sure to leave you delighted.

A Typical Day on an Italy Hiking Tour

Designing a tour that fits the needs of each hiker and his or her desired level of difficulty is the hardest part of the planning process. In order to accurately assess people’s needs, and provide you with a vacation that leaves you with great memories rather than blisters, we take several factors into consideration. This includes elevation change, distance, type of terrain, and the trail markings. The proposed hikes are categorized either as Walking, meaning they consist of maintained paths and trails, or Hiking, which means they require a bit more physical ability.
A typical day on an Italy Hiking Tour will start you off on the right foot. The foundation for a good hike is what’s in your backpack. By doing away with what’s unnecessary, we can reduce your pack’s weight so you can have a more pleasant day. Then, with your GPS and necessary maps, your backpack and water bottle, you’ll set out on our exciting journey. As you begin hiking, you’ll slowly get used to the terrain and changes in elevation, and you’ll keep an eye on the weather conditions so you won’t find yourself caught by an unexpected change in the elements. A key word in all this is comfort, so we are there to offer assistance in choosing the proper clothing for the hike you’ve chosen. Italy Trails is committed to your satisfaction and your well-being, so we encourage you to listen to your body. Everyone has their own rhythm and you’ll know when and if you need to take a break. Our goal for every Italy Hiking Tour is to follow the practice of “leave no trace,” and we encourage you to take from the land only the memory of a perfect day.

Hiking in Italy: The Best Hikes Nature has to Offer

Every one of our Italy Hiking Tours will offer you an unforgettable experience. With its many lakes, glaciers, and mountains, Italy has enough different landscapes to suit everyone’s tastes. Every region of this country will sweep you away with its natural beauty. One fine example of this is the Dolomites, the spectacular mountains of worldwide fame. You’ll be able to walk along its peaks, watching for wildlife, and stopping along the way to take a break and try some local dishes in a traditional wooden lodge. On the same note, the Aosta Valley also offers incredible scenic views. There are glaciers and steep, rocky cliffs that stand in contrast to the valleys and woodlands below. Scenic viewpoints allow for spectacular vistas over peaks such as Monte Bianco, Monte Rosa, and Il Cervino. No less interesting are the Sibillini Mountains, which sit between the Umbria and Marche regions, where a person can choose from a pleasant stroll through nature to a challenging mountain hike.

If it’s the sea you’re looking for, then the Liguria region is for you. The hiking trails along the Alta Via dei Monti LIguri and through Cinque Terre wind through the shade of olive trees and jurassic rock. The Campania region also has its share of enchanting trails and unforgettable hikes in Cilento. And if you’re interested in islands, Sicily will not leave you disappointed with its wonderful nature preserves. Choosing your Italy Hiking Tour will certainly be difficult because of the many options that our country offers. Any type of trip to Italy will allow you to discover some of the most lovely places, but traveling at your own pace, and on your own two feet, makes those discoveries even better.


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