Every year more and more tourists choose to discover the Belpaese on two wheels, a choice that allows them to immerse themselves freely and sustainably in the beautiful landscape. In addition to being an eco-friendly choice, cyclotourism lets you explore places that are not accessible by motor vehicles. The beauty of traveling by bicycle, pedaling through undiscovered places, off the beaten tracks, while finding secret wonders, will give you the chance to truly get to know Italy at your own pace, without filters or screens between you and the landscape around you. There is no shortage of destinations, as each Italy bike tour designed by Italy Trails is focused on ecology, uniqueness, exhaustiveness and carefully created based on your interests, thanks to a deep knowledge of each area, its must-see attractions, and unique characteristics.

The Belpaese On Two Wheels: your own Italy bike tour

In Italy you can explore some of the most beautiful bike paths in Europe. The Garda Bike Path, also known as the Cycle Path of Dreams, is a breathtaking example of this. It runs along one of Italy’s most charming lakes (and places), resembling an Impressionist painting. With its one hundred and forty kilometers of pure beauty, this path crosses the Sun Cycle Route, which runs North to South across the country, and also the VenTo Cycle Path, which runs East to West, connecting Venice to Turin (in Italian Torino, hence the name Ven – To). Together, these three routes allow you to comfortably explore the entire country on two wheels.

While biking along the Garda Bike Path, you will be able to visit some of Italy’s most famous locations, such as Sirmione, where you can spend some relaxing time enjoying the medicinal hot springs in one of the most renowned thermal areas in Europe, visit its archaeological park, and one of the largest, most impressive Roman villas ever uncovered. Food and wine lovers will be spoiled for choice: enjoy a fresh fish dinner accompanied by fine local wines, and a visit to the olive oil mill, followed by an oil tasting. The good fortune of geographic location and the mitigating effect of the lake are the secrets that make this oil so delicious.
If you are looking to experience nature, history, art, and good food, this is the perfect Italy bike tour for you, and thanks to Italy Trails, all you need to do is get on your bike and enjoy the ride!

Not tired yet? Let us go North

Continue North on this bike path until you reach the VenTo Cycle Path (Venice РTurin), and admire the extraordinary artistic heritage of northern Italy, and its incredible natural wonders. Visit Ferrara, Mantua, Parma, Milan, and Pavia, and dive into the past: here, Goths, Longobards, Este, and Scaligeri left a legacy of important and magnificent historical attractions. If you ever need a break from pedaling, the Langhe and Oltrepò Pavese are a great place to taste fine wine and rest for a night. Northern Italy has plenty of traditional local products to offer, and Italy Trails carefully designs these tours so you can enjoy the best possible culinary experience. Wander the banks of the Mincio River and sample a classic and rich Risotto alla Milanese or some delicious pumpkin ravioli in Mantua.

Your bike will then take you to Emilia Romagna, a region most famous for its excellent and flavorful cuisine. Enjoy a serving of tortellini accompanied by an true Lambrusco before getting back on your bike and experiencing the endless beaches of the Romagna Riviera and its famous nightlife.
From here, central Italy is not far and can be reached on the Eroica, a historic road in Tuscany famous for its white lanes through the Siena and the Chianti regions. Admire the golden fields and stunning hills from your bike seat. You must make a pit stop to sample the incredible local products. Salami and cheeses followed by a serving of pici pasta, and for dessert cantucci and vin santo.

Since you have come so far, you might want to take the time to visit Umbria, a welcoming region famous for its truffles and excellent food. Umbria is full of beauty: churches, castles and cathedrals that sit, unexpectedly, on top of hills surrounded by lush forest. Assisi, Spoleto, Nursia: a trio of architectural and culinary wonders that you will be able to enjoy at a natural pace thanks to cyclotourism.
Next is Abruzzo, where a network of narrow streets and trails will lead you to small, fairytale villages frozen in time.
Now Rome is near, with all roads leading to the capital with its millenary history and there is so much to discover in Latium, the region around Rome. Ruins of past empires are scattered everywhere, so all you need to do is park your bike for a chance to discover a fundamental piece of Italian history. This is the beauty of cyclotourism: you can stop whenever you want and fully experience every moment. Definitely take the time to go to an Osteria to sample the traditional Roman cuisine. Make sure to try the authentic, traditional Cacio e Pepe, along with a glass of Castelli Romani wine, and the Roman-Jewish style artichokes known as Carciofi alla Giudia. Some espresso will give you enough energy to now head to your next destination.

A surprising Southern Italy

Cyclotourism is not just a way of traveling, it is also a way to truly connect with the land and interact with the people who inhabit it. It is a well-known fact that Italy is an extremely welcoming country, especially in the South, and in the small towns you will visit, you’ll be able to chat with local, friendly people who will most likely offer to share something to eat or drink. Here, the bike paths are country roads that offer a different outlook on the history of these places. Roads that speak to the heart and mind to tell the story of how their past has shaped their identity.

Campania gets the ball rolling, with its effervescent personality. Bike along the enchanting Amalfi Coast and taste Limoncello from its birthplace, and maybe pretend to be on the set of La Dolce Vita. Then climb up the Irpinian Mountains to visit its villages, farmhouses, and experience the warmth of the locals that welcome tourists as old friends.

In Apulia, you will be amazed by the unforgettable olive groves on the slopes of the hills, the beaches and clear blue sea, the beautiful baroque towns, and a rich culinary tradition. From the northernmost point of the Alta Murgia National Park, continue down to Castel del Monte, and then follow the ancient Via Traiana until you reach Salento, with its pristine beaches and local taverns, where you will be able to taste taralli crackers, pucce flat bread, and burrata cheeses. Ride along the breathtaking mountain paths of the Dolomiti Lucane in Basilicata, visit ancient cities, and enjoy their Middle Eastern influences, or stop to admire the Calanchi (badlands), timeless natural wonders, and in Calabria, try a plethora of adventure sports or hike in the Pollino National Park, discover wild beaches, and marvel at the stunning azure color of the sea.

The islands from a two-wheeled point of view

Italy Trails can help you travel across space and time to discover the wonders of Sicily and Sardinia. Two islands between sea and sky, where time has stopped, rooted in tradition, where authentic people abide. Scents, colors, traditions and history are reflected in the paths, the ancient roads, the wines and rich culinary traditions. All of this has shaped not only the landscape, but also the character of the people. Biking through these islands you will get an idea of how life has been for millennia of inhabitants.

Why choose Italy Trails and Italy bike tour?

Cyclotourism in Italy is a small but epic adventure, and a personal one. Whether you are doing some soul searching, or just want to delight the eye and palate, our wonderful, boot shaped peninsula, cradle of some of the most ancient civilizations, has so much to offer: from its cuisine, renowned across borders for some of the healthiest and tastiest foods, to its beautiful landscapes, its rich history, and culture. If you choose an Italy bike tour, Italy Trails will help you organize every part of your trip, so you can focus on pedaling and enjoying an unforgettable journey tailored to your needs. The Italy Trails bike tour will allow you to truly get to know the Italy.


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