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We show you a simple catalog of cookies made through the indications found both on the DPA (the law for data protection) and in the guide on how cookies are used.

List of the types of cookies

Below we explain the types of cookies used:

– Technical Cookies

They are used only in some sections of our blog and can be cataloged in two different ways: persistent cookies and session cookies.

  • persistent: even by closing the browser with which you are browsing, cookies are not deleted from your device. The date of cancellation of the cookie is indicated in the file itself.

  • session: they are deleted once you decide to close the browser you were using to read our blog. These elements are necessary for certain sections of our site to function properly. Session cookies will always be used unless you decide to deny their consent (read at the bottom of the article to understand how to do this).

Third-party cookies, not managed by https://italy-trails-com:

By browsing our blog, you may run into some cookies for which we are not directly responsible, called ‘third-party cookies’. For example, some of these could be used to understand what the user’s preferences are and to be able to show him the advertising that best suits his interests. The time has therefore come to list all the third-party cookies on our blog. We reiterate that, by reading at the bottom of the page, you will find a simple guide on how to delete them from your device or prevent them from being used while browsing.

Third Party Cookies

These are the cookies that you may find yourself browsing our pages:

  • Cookie Analytics

Help us understand what types of people browse our blog. The data allows us to carry out an in-depth analysis of the accesses made to a particular page and the total web visits to our blog.

Privacy Policy – Opt out

Profiling Cookies

These types of cookies allow information to be obtained while the user interacts with the pages of our blog. It is important to point out that third parties do not provide us with any information on the data obtained from the user’s navigation or even a possible advertising profile. Below you can find a simple list of Third Party cookies that you may find while browsing our site. We also indicate their privacy policy from which you can obtain further information, if you deem it necessary.

Art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Europe) protects the surfer by allowing him, at any time, to know the way in which his data is processed within our blog. You can obtain a copy of the data, understand its origin and purpose and request that it be transformed into anonymous form. To do this, all you have to do is fill in the following form on this page and explain your request in detail.

How to manage cookies on your browser

By acting on the preferences of your navigation browser you can understand and manage how cookies are managed on your computer. It is also possible to make sure that nothing is saved on your device. Below we show you a brief guide:


From the browser toolbar you can select the “Menu” item. Select Settings. Then go to the item “Show advanced settings”. In the section called Privacy, click on “Content settings”. You will find the Cookies section where you will have the possibility to select some items concerning its use:

  • Elimination of cookies
  • How to block the use of cookies through a default setting
  • Accept the use of cookies through a default settings
  • Store cookies only temporarily, so as long as the browser is open, and then delete them once closed
  • You can also define exceptions, such as accepting the use of cookies only for certain sites or blocking others

Mozilla Firefox

Start Firefox and then to Preferences through the hamburger menu. Select “Privacy and security”, and then the item Cookies. You can manage the following settings:

– Disable cookies

– Enable cookies only for some websites

– Enable cookies for all websites

– Notify the user before any cookie is stored on his device

Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer (old version)

Click on Tools and immediately after on “Internet Options”. Select the Privacy tab. In Settings you can manage the use of cookies, then allow and deny their saving. Save the settings by clicking on “Ok”.


Select “Preferences” and then “Privacy”. There is a special section called “Block cookies” where you can define whether or not to accept the use of cookies on a particular website. The question mark on each item allows you to access a small guide that concerns it.

Note: by selecting the item “Details” you will access a section where the cookies already registered on your device and which sites they come from are shown. By accessing the manual of your browser, you will have the opportunity to find more information regarding the use of cookies and how they can possibly be blocked. We remind you that by using the services on our computer, you fully accept the information you have just read.

Data Controller

The exclusive owner of the data processing on our site is https://italy-trails.com. We remind you that you have the possibility to contact us directly using the form on the following page: indicate your request with extreme precision.